Corona antiviral drug

Another Corona Antivirus Medication Shows Effective Results

Russia has again approved the Corona antiviral drug, this time developed by one of the companies in the country, R-Pharm. The antiviral drug called Coronavir has shown effective results in clinical trials.

Corona antiviral drug

In clinical trials, the company involved more than 110 outpatients consisting of mild or moderate cases. The result, the drug can inhibit the replication of the new Corona virus .

“Coronavir is the first drug in Russia and in the world that does not address complications due to the Corona virus, but directly counteracts the virus itself,” the company statement said, quoted by Reuters on Thursday (07/09/2020).

From clinical trials conducted, the condition of these patients has increased by 55 percent. This improvement was seen on the seventh day of treatment with Coronavir. On the fifth day of treatment, the company said the Coronavirus had disappeared in 77.5 percent of patients.

“From our global clinical practice and clinical studies, we have confirmed that Coronavir stops infection faster. This is due to the effective inhibiting effect of viral replication,” said R-Pharm’s medical director, Mikhail Samsonov.

Representatives from Russia’s Central Research Institute of Epidemiology, Tatyana Ryzhentsova, said testing of the drug began in late May.

Before Coronavir, another antiviral drug, Avifavir, was approved by the Russian Ministry of Health to treat Corona patients since June 11, 2020.

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