Coronavirus test in beijing

Chinese experts claim the Corona outbreak in Beijing will end soon

Coronavirus outbreaks that began in the Beijing wholesale food market called controlled. Feng Zijian, deputy director of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said the outbreak in Beijing had been controlled.

Coronavirus test in beijing

“By analyzing the number of infections the onset of symptoms and sources of infection, we can see (outbreaks) among those who have direct exposure to Xinfadi will soon be over,” he was quoted as saying from the South China Morning Post.

The expert added that there might be new cases of the virus in the coming days, but it is likely to be discovered during the testing process, not a new transmission. The authorities’ quick response to the Xinfadi cluster called the Corona deployment key could be controlled.

“The Beijing outbreak was discovered very early and strong control measures have effectively controlled the spread of this disease,” he added.

However, investigators are still trying to determine how the market will be the transmission center for Corona in Beijing.

Beijing has begun a massive testing program for those who might be related to pathogens found at Xinfadi. The city health bureau said testing for Corona had been increased by 1 million people per day.

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