corona patient's story

Corona Patient’s Story of Hallucinations and Nightmares

Coronavirus does not only attack the physical sufferers. Corona COVID-19 virus infection is also known to have a negative impact on the psychology of patients who have it.

corona patient's story

Quoted from the page of The New York Times , a recent survey showed the Corona COVID-19 virus caused hallucinations and nightmares of many patients who received treatment from hospitals.

This condition is known to have an impact on the recovery process. Patients are also said to be prone to depression and cognitive problems. As experienced by a COVID-19 patient named Kim Victory, a 31-year-old woman mentioned often hallucinating when receiving treatment in hospital.

Kim claimed to feel paralyzed in bed, then burned alive. When someone else saved him, he suddenly turned into an ice sculpture on the buffet of a luxury yacht. Furthermore, he became the subject of experiments in a laboratory in Japan.

Do not stop there, his vision changed again brought him in a condition where he suddenly got an attack from the cats.

Hallucinations and paranoids occur when Victory gets COVID-19 treatment when she has difficulty breathing. Anxiety even made him take off the ventilator and even fell from the bed.

“That is very real, and I am very afraid,” said Victory who is now back at Franklin’s house, Tenn.

The condition experienced by Victory is called hospital delirium. This phenomenon is usually experienced by patients with older age, some of whom experience dementia or senility.

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