Exposed Covid-19 in Uzbekistan, this is the compensation

Uzbekistan reopened for foreign tourists with a big promise: if they are infected with Covid-19 during their trip, they will receive compensation of US $ 3,000.


Like Cyprus, Uzbekitasn provided compensation to build tourist confidence, “We want to convince tourists that they can come to Uzbekistan”, Sophie Ibbotson, Uzbekistan’s tourism ambassador to Britain, told Lonely Planet .

The Uzbek government is very confident that new safety and hygiene measures, which are implemented throughout the tourism sector will protect tourists from Covid-19.

So, if travelers are infected with the corona virus, the country is ready to provide compensation. The national guarantee protects tourists visiting Uzbekistan on a group tour. On the condition that they use a local tour operator. While compensation of US $ 3,000 is equivalent to the cost of medical treatment that citizens in the country will receive if they are infected.

To lure back foreign tourists, the government of Uzbekistan has launched a certification scheme for accommodation and other tourist businesses. The certification is to meet new hygienic guidelines.

Although certification for the tourism business is not mandatory, if tourism companies are found not to meet health protocol standards, and are found to be a source of infection, they are required to pay the customer’s medical care costs.

Uzbekistan allows the arrival of tourists from China, Israel, Japan and South Korea. But for arrivals from Europe and the UK they must spend 14 days in quarantine.

Uzbekistan’s decision to immediately implement lockdown in mid-March placed the country as the destination with the lowest death rate from the corona virus in the world, with only 19 cases reported in a population of nearly 33 million.

This country is famous for its architecture from the Silk Road era (Silk Road) which is full of beautiful ornaments. Tourism in Uzbekistan has increased rapidly in recent years, thanks to new visa-free schemes available to residents of more than 80 countries.

When countries around the world begin to reopen their borders to international visitors, they impose their own conditions for entry. Meanwhile, Uzbekistan does not require anything.

Cambodia for example, announced taking the opposite lane, requiring tourists to pay a deposit of US $ 3,000 on arrival as well as fees for the Covid-19 test. They also ask tourists to pay for themselves during quarantine.

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