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Men Claimed to Have More Corona Antibodies Than Women, Here’s the Reason

Blood plasma therapy is one treatment that is considered effective in treating critical Corona patients. Recently, experts in the United Kingdom found Corona antibodies in men more than women, why is that?

Corona survivors

Britain’s National Health Service Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) collects blood plasma for Corona treatment trials. Their new analysis found that more men produce Corona antibodies than women.

Quoted from The Sun , 43 percent of blood plasma donors from survivors of the Corona COVID-19 virus have considerable antibodies compared to 29 percent of women. This makes the researchers put more hope in male blood plasma donors.

“We still want to hear from anyone who has coronavirus or symptoms. More plasma donors are needed,” said Professor David Roberts, associate director for blood donations at NHS Blood and Transplant.

“But we especially want to hear from men. We test every plasma donation and men have higher levels of antibodies, which means we are more likely to be able to use their plasma to save lives,” continued Prof. David.

The experts also believe that there are more antibodies or immunity in men than women because in general men experience worse conditions because of Corona than women. What makes it related?

“Initially your immune system will try to fight the virus with white blood cells. If you become more ill, your immune system needs to produce more antibodies that neutralize or kill the virus,” explained experts.

“Our study, and many others around the world, show that men with COVID-19 are more likely to become seriously ill than women. This makes them better plasma donors after they recover,” they concluded.

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