Corona patient

Study Says the COVID-19 Pandemic Can Change the Brain Even if Not Infected

It’s not just the brains of patients infected with COVID-19 that have changed during the pandemic. A recent study shows the COVID-19 pandemic can also change the brain of everyone even though they are not infected with the Corona virus.

Corona patient

A recent report from Neuropsychopharmacology Reviews describes the pandemic may have altered the brain in humans. This change occurred because of isolation during the pandemic which required many people to stay at home. These situations can change your brain chemistry , causing changes in your thinking, such as anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts.

The researchers explained that the COVID-19 pandemic caused a deep sense of sadness, for example losing loved ones, feeling helpless, and worrying about contracting or transmitting the Corona virus.

During the Corona pandemic , people also felt lonely, experienced changes in habits, lost their jobs, and were financially insecure.

These feelings have a detrimental effect on the structure of the brain. Poor brain structure can increase the risk of a number of illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

This situation also has long-term effects such as the risk of damaging the physiology and function of the brain. Studies show that chronic worry and fear can reduce prefrontal cortex activity, damage neurons, shrink brain areas, and impair thinking.

Quoted from Psychology Today , researchers say this dangerous situation can be prevented. Researchers explain humans have the choice to ignore fear reactions in the brain. It is possible for every human being to get rid of anxiety and worry because of the Corona COVID-19 virus pandemic. This ability can also make the brain structure improve on its own.

Here are some ways you can improve brain health during the Corona COVID-19 virus pandemic.

1. Do different activities
Try to do activities that are different than usual. Keep yourself busy with fun activities so that you no longer focus on the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Calm down
In addition, do a number of ways to calm down such as meditation, worship, tai chi, yoga, breathing techniques, or massage. Relax your mind so you can think more clearly.

3. Tell me your problem
Express the feelings and problems you feel. Tell a friend or diary so you can be calmer and feel relieved.

4. Sports
Doing sports and physical activity also makes the brain healthier. Apart from being good for physical health, exercise also reduces anxiety and depression.

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