skin rash

This study reveals the possibility of skin rash being a symptom of COVID-19

The appearance of skin rashes in Corona patients is still suspected of being a symptom of COVID-19. Because, some COVID-19 patients experience skin rashes and discoloration, such as toes turning red or purple, itching, and bumps on the fingers. So is it true that skin rash is a symptom of COVID-19?

skin rash

“Many viral infections can trigger skin rashes , so when you make a report related to this case, you must have other data. Did the patient get treatment for a week before the rash appeared? Are there other possible causes?” said professor of dermatology at the University of Rochester Medical Center, New York, Dr. Art Papier, quoted from CNN .

Previously, several studies related to this case had indeed been published in medical journals and most recently, four Corona patients aged 40-80 years with severe symptoms in New York experienced skin discoloration and a lesion called retiform purpura.

After the examination, the patient had abnormalities in his blood vessels.

In the study, researchers from Weill Cornell Medical College wrote that changes in skin color in patients could indicate clogged arteries. While retiform purpura can represent the possibility of a complete blockage in the blood vessels.

This shows, rash and skin discoloration can be clinical clues to the possibility of blood clots in the body. Even since the start of the pandemic, some doctors have noticed that COVID-19 with severe symptoms can cause abnormal blood clots in patients.

Even so, the study still has shortcomings, researchers are not sure when the first symptoms of skin rashes appear in patients. More research is needed to ascertain whether similar findings will emerge among a much larger group of Corona patients.

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