the droplet coronavirus

WHO Call Transmission Through Droplets More Dominant than Aerosols

Maria Van Kerkhove, technical chair of the COVID-19 pandemic countermeasure at the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that the transmission of Corona in the air was always a concern but transmission via droplets was the most dominant route of infection.

the droplet coronavirus

” Aerosol transmission is one of the modes of transmission that we noticed from the beginning, especially in healthcare where we know that aerosols can last longer in the air,” he was quoted as saying by Reuters .

Kerkhove also mentioned that there are some places that are risky to transmit Corona through the air, especially in closed areas such as night clubs, fitness, or places where air circulation is not good enough. But in that area the risk of COVID-19 transmission via droplets must also not be ruled out.

“The most dominant distribution route (COVID-19) in all places is still dominated by droplets,” he added.

WHO has also recently released new guidelines on the Corona virus transmission pathway which contains airborne transmission. In these guidelines, WHO explains in theory that one can inhale aerosols and then become infected, but still needs further research.

In addition, WHO includes areas that are susceptible to the spread of the Corona virus such as restaurants, night clubs, places of worship, large workplaces, choir practice areas, and fitness classes. However, this transmission can still be prevented by health protocols that have been previously published, such as the use of masks and distance.

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